mercredi 9 novembre 2016

Musical taste:

To the person reading this (you): I'm actually really into music but that doesn't necessarily mean into the biggest tubes of the moment. I'm interested in rock music in general but can go from soft rock to hard rock or even metal. I listen frequently to Arctic Monkeys, Fall out Boy, Papa Roach, The Pixies, The pretty reckless and many others... Right now i'm listening to some of Red Hot Chilli Peppers' songs (Snow, Californication, The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie). I'd reccomend to people who want to try some songs out some of Arctic monkeys' last album called "AM". Their most popular song is "Do I Wanna know". I also like rap but not as much as rock because I can only tolerate Eminem's style (The Real Slim Shady, Stan, Lose yourself...) but i'd still go for his old songs rather than the recent ones even though I like them. How about you ?

mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Hello again !
As mentionned before I said that i'll talk about my home town, Tangier.
So it is the closest moroccan city to Europe and it is in its growth peak: malls, buildings and other structures are being built or extended. The city has many touristic sites and the most famous of all are the hercules caves. Google it, guaranteed surprise. Tangier has also a lot of fantastic beaches and a large variety of them. The city is very historical and preserve its past, by conserving its ancient city that is centuries old. Unfortunatly, people need to be more open-minded and respectfuk over the nature because after all, it's our city, country and makes our pride.
Hello to whom it may interest,
my name is Hatim Fertat, i'm just a fifteen years old kiddo who likes TV series, anime and video games. I usually listen to rock music (Arctic Monkeys, Fall out Boy, Nirvana...) and waste time on internet and memes. I live in Morocco, Tangier and I will talk about this amazing city later on.
I have two brothers way older than me and one of them is currently studying in other city.
I like eating, playing soccer/basketball and everything mentionned above is what I do mostly on my free time. I don't really know about things I dislike besides slow-minded people and non-sarcastic people. What about you ?

lundi 28 mars 2016

My salutations future me, or simply me,
If you read this, it probably means it's 2036. We've always been curious on what we will do later on, I prefer to see the results myself. If it is possible on 2036, could you answer my questions and send them to me in a format that still exists in that year. Well, it may be in vain what i'm doing right now.. But here am i, starting with all my questions(even the the very weird ones).
- What kind of cars are used by the population ? Their maximum speed in Km/h ? Do they still have wheels ?
- Are there any different meals? Fruits? Vegetables? Fast-foods?
- How are going our family and friends ?
- How much did the technology improve ?
- What country is dominant over the world? Are there any new countries ?
- Are people still worried about global warming ? How are the things going on Earth ?
- What happened to our house ? Is it still there or destroyed to let space for buildings ?
- Are there any new sports ? Is there a new rivalry ?
- How are schools doing ? Is ours still up ? Could you tell me how different they are from now ?
 I hope that you will be able to answer my questions and give me an answer as soon as possible.