mercredi 9 novembre 2016

Musical taste:

To the person reading this (you): I'm actually really into music but that doesn't necessarily mean into the biggest tubes of the moment. I'm interested in rock music in general but can go from soft rock to hard rock or even metal. I listen frequently to Arctic Monkeys, Fall out Boy, Papa Roach, The Pixies, The pretty reckless and many others... Right now i'm listening to some of Red Hot Chilli Peppers' songs (Snow, Californication, The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie). I'd reccomend to people who want to try some songs out some of Arctic monkeys' last album called "AM". Their most popular song is "Do I Wanna know". I also like rap but not as much as rock because I can only tolerate Eminem's style (The Real Slim Shady, Stan, Lose yourself...) but i'd still go for his old songs rather than the recent ones even though I like them. How about you ?