samedi 11 février 2017

HIMYM: a crossover between drama and comic show, AKA the new "Friends"

TV series... how many people waited for this post theme to tell others about their favorite series and to push them to watch so they could find someone to talk to.
I guess i'll just do the same but I think most of you guys already heard of this name. How I Met Your Mother. The series that ran for over 9 years to come to an end that blew everybody away. Its ending was so rushed and the last season had been a mess, so everyone is basically in one of these two sides:
-The ending is really bad and they just screwed it.
-The ending was really good because we were deeply waiting for this whatever what happened.
So i'm basically just talking about something you maybe don't even know.
HIMYM is an american series that turns out around 5 friends:

- Ted Mosby, the main character, the story teller, the narrator... As an eternal lover who keeps seeking for 'The one', he'll usually hang out at the McLaren's Pub under his apartment looking for girls he hopes fall in love with, get married to her and live an endlessly happy life with his kids. But every girl he met since Robin has something wrong so he'll keep going back to her throughout the series knowing they're friends. He only reveals to his kids the actual way he met their mother in the last season, even though he was only meters away from her so many times but didn't even meet her (at a point he dated her roommate while she was 8 feet away from him showering). Living legendary adventures with the rest of the gang, we all keep waiting for "The one" (including him).

- Robin appears at the first episode to our eyes and to the other characters' eyes too. A Canadian went out (to pronounce with the Canadian accent) from her house where she was treated like an actual boy to become famous in the american TVs as the journalist with the impossible spelling last name: Robin Scherbatsky. Sarcastic, lovely and most of all Canadian pop-star that will hide her identity "Robin Sparkles" with the cringy yet lovely hit: Let's go to the mall. She'll end up with however she wants in easy ways but will always put her career before anyone. That's what will get her away from Ted, the clearly opposite person in terms of future planning and wills. Yet they'll manage to remain friends even after his many attempts to change her mindset.

-Barney Stinson, suit lover, the person who slept with over 200 women, author of the Bro Code and the Playbook and . Just like Robin, he never wanted kids neither staying with a girl for over 24 hour. He will be Ted's wingman and the one presenting him to women, but will eventually take them from him because they were "too good for you bro". Full with confidence and self-esteem, his job will remain eventually a secret (PLEASE) just like many of his life mysteries (Bob Barker is his actual father, that's what he assured). Living life at its fullest stage, with non-stop legendary moments and high-fives, he'll entertain you until the last second of each episode and never decline a challenge.

-Marshall Eriksen, Big Fudge, lawyer and eternal loyal to his wife, he's the character that has the right to slap Barney for 5 times whenever he wants because of the Slap Bet he won. He's the member that seems the wisest but is the one who keeps believing in the Lochness monster and the cockramouse(when a cockroach and a mouse fuse). He'll do whatever it costs to make his beloved one happy. A living giant, he'll never fight and will instead run away. He's a character full of empathy that I couldn't describe like others because he's the one who's gotten into the saddest moments throughout the series.

-Lily Aldrin, the kindergarten teacher, art lover and the person with the most common sense between all the other characters mentioned before (with a few exceptions that broke everybody's hearts). She'll never stop chasing her dreams but will eventually settle with Marshall to become the best couple of the gang (and the one who actually kept together for over 9 years).

This character description actually had everything that I wanted to tell you but the fact the series is not a comedy. Every season will eventually split up in two: the first half seems like a comedy but then something happens and grows little by little during the season.
I'd recommend you to watch this series in its totality but the last 5 minutes of the finale. It's actually the perfect mix between drama and comedy that will keep you hooked on. Feeling sympathy for Ted, loving Robin even when she'll be at her worst state, admiring Barney whatever his acts, loving Big Fudge for what he is and keep alternating between hating and feeling bad for Mrs. Aldrin. contains everything I possibly missed to say and the series is available on Netflix for you fellow Americans. And for the last time, the eternal rival of "Friends" is a 10/10 would watch that everyone should at least give the time to watch the first season until its last episode to keep watching it to the latest moment with never skipping the legendary intro: or the full version that is good as well and describes the totality of the series from ted's point of view if you listen carefully to the lyrics;